Mividaspa at:

Jaz Mirabel Resort, Sharm El Sheikh

Mividaspa at Jaz Mirabel Resort

This beautifully designed spa is located in the gorgeous Jaz Mirabel Resort and offers all guests free access to a huge Jacuzzi pool, spacious saunas and steam rooms.


A selection of more than 20 various massages, body treatments and facials are provided in 10 spacious rooms by a team of expertly trained Mividaspa professionals.


Spa menu:

We offer a vast variety of modern, traditional and classic therapies. The Mividaspa team will help you to find a perfect course to make any vacation both relaxing and beneficial for your health.


Spa products:

Nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction of our guests. That’s why we are using only the highest quality organic oils, creams and other spa products from trusted producers.


Contact information:

For information and reservation please contact us at: spa@jazmirabelresort.com


Opening hours:

9AM – 7PM